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Hi I'm Okan Okumuş, a backpacker and a travel writer.

Two roads diverged in a wood,

I took the road less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

- Robert Frost

I travelled the world extensively and backpacking eventually has become my lifestyle. Instinctively preferring to be away from the crowds, adopting culture-vulture backpacking, I embark on journeys to follow off the beaten path, to unravel the secrets of the world's most beautiful places. I will continue documenting the cultural charms and natural wonders of this world from remote outposts. I wish my books become an inspiration for people who like the roads that are less travelled.

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Latin America - An Alternative Travel Guide

You will feel closer to the charming atmosphere of Latin America with this book which separates itself from the pack of travel guides with alternative routes and suggestions, information on the history of the places visited along with personal observations.

East Asia - An Alternative Travel Guide

The author shares his own travels with readers while taking you from the temples of Japan to its manga culture; from forgotten horrific historical truths of Vietnam and Cambodia to hidden bazaars of Myanmar and Laos; introducing you to the breathtaking beauty of Mongolia and Siberia during his Trans-Siberia trip.

North and Central Africa - An Alternative Travel Guide

While travelling around with the author in sept-places, boda-bodas and tuk tuks, you will sometimes find yourself stuck in the traffic jams of bustling cities, and sometimes in serene paradises which have not yet bowed down to mass tourism, where you will spend days without ever seeing a single tourist.

Viva Backpack - Handbook of a Backpacker

This book provides a detailed road map for those who wish to discover new places in the world but do not know how and where to start this journey.

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