I will try to answer here the typical questions I receive on social media.

- What is our favourite city and country?

“You take delight not in a city's seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours” says Italian writer Italo Calvino. The best answers I have received until now was from these countries; Colombia, Argentina, Laos, Brazil and Cape Verde. My favourite cities; Cartagena (Colombia), San Cristobal de las Casas (Mexico), Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Mindelo (Cape Verde), Ilha de Mozambique (Mozambique) and Muang Sing (Laos).

- How come you have so much holidays?

When I was working in Istanbul, I had only three weeks holiday. After I moved to England, my holidays doubled (or in some years even tripled). I do two or three big overseas trip and several city breaks in Europe in one year now.

- Where do you find the funds to travel that much?

This question is being asked to all travellers, as if all of them supposed to be rich. I would say, the important thing is setting priorities in life. Once I received the virus of travel, I have changed my priorities. I never wanted to have a car for instance, never cared about replacing old stuff in my house. When I don’t have enough budget, I have reduced some other necessities in my daily life. During my travels I used Couchsurfing a lot, I have slept in “5 dollars a night” places in Thailand and Laos for example. When you really want to travel, there is no excuse. You can do anything as long as you have the passion.

- Do you travel alone or with friends?

Of course, I enjoy travelling with my wife or close friends. But I usually have more holidays than my wife and I don’t mind travelling solo. I am usually not alone on my trips anyway, I always buddy up with someone on the road, finding travel companions is not difficult at all!

- What do you prefer for accommodation?

In Europe I would say I generally use Airbnb, in my overseas trips I prefer hostels and guesthouses. Needless to say, Couchsurfing is always an option.


- Do you travel light?

I made a big progress on lightweight travel over the years, weight of my luggage is less than 6 kg. It doesn’t matter for me if I’m going abroad for two weeks or two months, the size of my backpack doesn’t change. Of course, this kind of travel requires doing laundry every week.

- What is your gear for photography?

Like many other travellers I love photography too. I’m carrying Fuji XT-1 with 10-24, 35mm ve 55-200mm lenses. Always looking for an ideal light, my eyes constantly searching the best angle, best shot. I must have inherited my talent – if there is any- from my father who is a journalist for 45 years.

- How many countries have you been to?

Does it matter really? I’ve been to probably 80 countries by now but this is not something I would brag about. Travel is not a competitive sport. I really don’t care about scoring, I’m looking for meaningful in-depth experiences not the check-the-box tourist sites. I love going to Spain every year, visiting Brazil in every opportunity. As a friend of mine said once, “travel is something to be savored like a fine meal”. Nonetheless, I have included my travel map on the main "Gallery" page if you are curious about where I’ve been to until now.